Residential Properties often need wildlife control as well as animal control services.

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We offer wildlife control and animal control services

Roof Damage From Squirrels
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Trapping Services

We offer commercial and residential trapping services in the Okc, Edmond, Guthrie and surrounding areas.  more

  • Wildlife and Animal Control Services

  • General Contractor providing animal control services to prevent you from having the need for more wildlife control work.

  • Emergency Animal Control Services for Wildlife Control

  • Animal Damage Inspections

  • Year-round wildlife control and animal control services

  • Bird control

  • Rodent Control

  • Trapping Services

  • Mole and gopher wildlife control

  • Pond turtle management

  • Wildlife Control and Animal damage control and prevention

  • Animal damage repair

  • Exclusions

  • Insulation

  • Sanitation

  • And much much more...

Venomous Copperhead Snake
Skunk Bait Wildlife Control- wildlife and animal damage control is what we do best

Are you needing animal control services in Guthrie? How about a wildlife control company in Edmond, or Wildlife Removal Companies in Oklahoma City? Skunk Bait Wildlife Control offers a wide range of wildlife damage management services for all of your wildlife control needs.

Animal Damage Inspections

Animal damage is a real threat to your home. We will help you through the process. more

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control

We offer trapping services for all types of wildlife.​ 

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Skunk Bait Wildlife Control

Emergency wildlife removalservices available