Skunk Bait Wildlife Control

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control
Pigeons loafing on a ledge of a train depot

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control-Birds and Bats


Bird jobs vary. If you need to prevent pigeons from roosting on a building, the job will usually be priced out and itemized by linear or square footage to install pigeon deterrent devices, such as spikes or installing shock track.We can also incorporate the use of trained hawks to manage nuisance birds. There may also be netting costs, pigeon trapping (or shooting) costs, and cleanup costs. Usually a pigeon exclusion and prevention job is fairly expensive, often several thousand dollars.

If you simply have a bird on the loose, flying around in a store or warehouse or something, that job is obviously not as expensive, but again, depending on factors related to the difficulty of the job, the cost will vary. Maybe a few hundred dollars for such a job.

How much does Canada Goose removal cost? There are many methods for Canadian Goose control, so costs vary depending on the method. You might do a program of egg addling, or harassment, pyrotechnics, goose roundup, etc. The size of the property, the number of geese and so on factor out in every job, and thus price, is different.

How much does woodpecker removal cost? Same thing, the size of the house matters. The common factor is that we will need to do an inspection to know what the best plan of action will be.

Bird Droppings
Pigeons Gaining Entry Through Missing Fascia Board