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Animal Damage Inspections in Oklahoma City, The Village, Edmond, Guthrie, and Okc Metro areas

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC Offers Exclusion Inspection Services:

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC offers exclusion inspections, pest management inspections, animal damage inspections, pest control inspections, insulation inspections and more in Oklahoma City, Edmond, The Village, Arcadia, Guthrie, Midwest City, Del City, Moore, Norman, and surrounding Okc metro areas. When you have a critter problem you are trying to control we will need to do a home inspection that will usually consist of a ground level inspection, a roof inspection, and an attic inspection. We do charge for our services and inspections are not free. If you are looking for free inspections we do not provide those. We also provide crawl space inspections as well. If you are hearing noises in your attic, walls, or under your house, you may have animals in those areas that need wildlife removal services. For more information or to contact us for an appointment please call 405-464-2121

Ground Level Inspections

Ground level inspections consist of a walk around the perimeter of your house. What we are looking for on this inspection is any potential access points that may allow animals to enter into your home from the ground level. We are also checking for any other access points at the soffits, soffit vents, and any construction gaps that may allow access.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are important in the inspection process. Sometimes construction gaps are found during the roof inspection that you cannot see when doing the initial ground level inspection. We have seen animals chew holes through the plastic ridge vent material they install for the ridge vents, squirrels, mice, and rats can chew through the shingles, thin aluminum siding, and exposed decking at the ridge and gain access into the attic space. Once inside they will damage wiring, insulation, flex duct and potentially make their way inside the living space of the home.

Crawl Space Inspections

 Crawl space inspections are important if you are hearing animal sounds under your home in your crawl space, under the tub, or other areas under the home. Most access points leading into the crawl space area are through compromised foundation vents, or actual crawl space access points that are not properly sealed. We offer several options to prevent animal entry by sealing construction gaps around your foundation, foundation vents or crawl space access points as well as repairs.

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Animal Damage Inspection Showing Raccoon Droppings In Attic

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