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We offer 2 service options for mole and gopher control in the Edmond and Guthrie areas. Our first option is a monthly service plan, and our second option is a yearly service plan. Both optionsare chemical free and include an initial inspection, placement and setup of traps, and service calls to check and service the traps throughout the service plan.

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Making sure your home is safe, sound, and secure is incredibly important to us. Your home is your space and you should feel safe and comfortable there. Our chemical free pest control solutions are a safe alternative to your typical chemical spraying techniques that most pest control companies use. Those pest control techniques can be harmful to you and your pets. Most insects and wildlife such as mice, rats and snakes gain entry into your home, office, or attic space, through construction gaps in your home. Sealing those access points is required to stop the problem.

Raccoon in attic during inspection

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